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Click to download a copy of the Student Handbook for the most up-to-date information on policies and procedures.

Current Student Information

As a student at Bucks County School of Beauty Culture, you will be expected to be aware and practicing all rules of safety and follow all student policies and guidelines. You will be given the most up-to-date copy of the student handbook on your first day of school during Orientation.  It is also available for your reference and review by clicking the link below.

The first day or evening of school you can expect to attend an Orientation Session where you are welcomed as a new student and instructed on how to clock in and out during the day/eve.  You will also review the Rules & Regulations with a school administrator and learn stuff like, "where do I store my lunch?" & "where is my classroom?" All those questions will be answered during Orientation!

  • Spring Break (Friday before - Monday after Easter)

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day and the Day after Thanksgiving

                 also the Wednesday evening prior to Thanksgiving

  • Winter Break (Dec 24 until the first business day after Jan 1)

Student Handbook

Holiday closings

Faculty, students, and administrative staff are encouraged to be aware of any suspicious items, situations, or behaviors which may appear or become violent or threatening. Anything that seems questionable should be reported immediately.


Established procedures have been categorized into two courses of action: Remain or Evacuate.

Emergency response policy

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When a Remain emergency response directive is in place, all students, faculty, and staff are to be as quiet as possible and to take cover in the most protective area in the immediate vicinity.

  • Earthquake - duck, cover, and hold.

  • Lock Down - all windows closed, and all doors locked.


When an evacuation directive is in place, the route to be taken will be announced by the faculty or staff who is in the immediate vicinity and will direct students or clients to one of the three evacuation routes through the front, side, and rear doors.


Instructors are asked to use grade books to assist in ensuring all students present at the time of the evacuation have left the facility and will assess any need for first aid once all students are gathered and accounted for.


When the facility has been deemed safe, the administration will terminate the evacuation directive and coordinate the return to the building.


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Download a copy of the Handbook which includes the rules, policies and regulations to ensure your compliance.

School rules, policies, and regulations

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