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This course will prepare you for the Pennsylvania Esthetician exam. This course is a prerequisite to entering the Skin Clinic program, the next on your journey to becoming a profitable, professional Esthetician with a Pennsylvania State License.

Esthetics (SKIN) – Skin Care and Cosmetics

The Esthetics Program will introduce you to a scientific approach to corrective and protective skin care. Individual courses and lessons will include learning to confidently use:


  • Facials

  • Backcials

  • Waxing

  • Make-up

  • Cosmetics & Products

  • Rotary brush peeling

Graduating the Esthetics Program requires satisfactorily completing the program’s instruction, satisfactory academic progress with passing grades and clock hours and completing the required weeks in each class: Skin (Esthetics), the Skin Care Clinic, and Fundamentals.

Pennsylvania Esthetician License

Graduation requirements

Upon graduation, you will be qualified to practice Esthetics and Skin Care in a salon, spa or other facility. You will also be legally allowed to own and operate your own Esthetic salon in Pennsylvania. Approximately 88% of our graduates are working in their elected field, and enjoying the job security of a financially rewarding career!

Employment benefits

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Skin Care Face
  • Aromatherapy

  • Massage Techniques

  • Desincrustacion

  • Ionic vapor

  • Galvanic current

  • Color draping

  • Masks

  • High frequency

  • Salon Management

  • Nutrition

  • Pneumopatted vacuum

  • Iontophoresis

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